Floor Cleaning Robot – CrestWind Apartments Repost

by Paul G. Githaiga

With the rapid technological advances today, the use of automated and robotic technology to simplify our everyday household processes is becoming more common. There are many products in the market aimed at performing certain chores around the house. One of the most important chores being taken over by robots is the process of cleaning the floor. There are many brands of floor cleaning robots available in the market with different features and quality.

Robotic floor cleaners are set to become common features in our homes due to the popularity and advances in technology. One of the most advanced and widely used brands in the market is the Mint Floor Cleaning Robot, which is produced by Evolution Robotics. These robotic cleaners work in the same way as the robotic vacuum cleaners. The key difference is, they actually mop and scrub the floor. It is no wonder they are becoming so popular. Mopping and scrubbing the floor is one of the most hated and tedious chores in the house and anything that would lessen the burden of doing this would be a very welcome addition into the home.

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A popular feature of this robot is the ability to clean all types of floor surfaces, be it hardwood floors, tiles, or even laminate flooring. It is designed to sweep up dirt and dust, as well as mop. Its small size allows it to clean under the furniture, as well as hard to reach areas. It is also square in shape, allowing it to efficiently clean corners. In contrast to most other brands of floor cleaners, the Mint Floor Cleaning Robot uses disposable cloths to wipe and clean hard floor surfaces. The cleaning cloths can be used numerous times, and are bought from Mint. It is also important to note that this cleaning robot is able to use almost any brand of disposable cloths. In order to be used again, the disposable cloths can be washed, and then reused.

Maintenance of this robot is easier, since no dust or dirt particles are sucked up. While in operation, this cleaning robot is very quiet. This is a very attractive feature, as it will not distract people. You may decide to take a nap while the robot is cleaning; this will be possible because of its low noise levels. The robot can also be programmed to return to a certain designated area after it finishes cleaning the floor and to switch off automatically. This is not only convenient, it also serves to save the battery charge, thus requiring less charging time, and as a result, less power is consumed, allowing savings to be made on the power expenses.

The navigation system used by the robot allows it to clean more efficiently, as it enables the robot to move in straight lines, and guides it around obstacles, including rugs, furniture, and carpets. It also navigates it around areas already cleaned by mapping the areas where it has passed over. It can also create a map of about 1,000 square feet when using dry cleaning cloths, and 250 square feet when in mopping mode.

Floor cleaning robots are making everyday floor cleaning processes easier, and more enjoyable.

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